Advanced window placement to withstand screensize changes

Here’s my general layout:

The problem is that I sometimes need to head off to the coffee shop with my little laptop and it messes up all the positioning when I get back. I wondered if it would be possible to create “attach points” like the screen corners, middles (horizontal and vertical) and also attachpoints for each box so that the boxes can be attached to each other.

For example, I always want the three power trays attached in the same configuration to the chat window, the three chat boxes on the left side attached to each other and so on. Even if I have to move them, it would be nice if they were at least pinned to each other.

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In the windows tab in the options there is a place where you can save and load window settings. Occasionally I play on a second computer that has completely different screensizes from my primary system. Each time I log in I have to load the windows settings (different file for each system) to adjust everything.

Right but I have different setups for different characters including color. Reloading those destroys them for my other characters.

Were are your #4 and #5 ?!

As it works in-game, the current “attach points” are resolution-dependant, just so no matter your screen’s resolution, all windows are visible from the start. As temporary solution, you could just save and rename your wdw.txt file (in your City of Heroes Installation folder) for each of your characters to save their particular setup. You’d have to rename it to wdw.txt whenever you wanted to reload it in-game though.

So maybe a function could be created to change the window file for each character? But that said, is it impossible to change the attach points to be relative to other controls or just “top left, bottom, right”?

The problem is that the size of the UI elements does not decrease when the screen size changes, which is why you get a mess when it isn’t enough space properly fit them separately. Making them relative to each other wouldn’t fix the issue.

Maybe not, but if they were attached to each other, I could sort them back into place much quicker.