Alignment as gradients depending on your mission choices/team composition

What do you guys think about taking a page out of the ideas in the Loyalists/Resistance relationship and expand upon it, instead of having Hero/Villain alignments be entirely dependent on tip/morality missions? We could make Hero/Villain alignment a true gradient, were you could start from Character Creation at certain points:

  • Neutral: Right in the middle
  • Hero: Extreme left (Blue)
  • Villain: Extreme right (Red)
  • Vigilante: Halfway between Neutral and Hero.
  • Rogue: Halfway between Neutral and Villain.

Your chosen start determines your starting area/contacts. This could be used to eliminate the City of Heroes: Freedom or City of Heroes: Going Rogue by simplifying it to:

  • Heroes start in Atlas.
  • Villains start in Mercy.
  • Neutrals start in Ouroboros.
  • Vigilantes start in Nova Praetoria/Loyalists.
  • Rogues start as Nova Praetoria/Resistance
    Although, to be fair, it would be cool to have an option for a different start for each alignment point, in each area.

Characters could gain points towards hero or villain in several ways, for example:

  • All missions can grant hero/villain points depending on their general goal.
  • Some missions (most, if possible) should have choices that can grant you additional hero/villain points, or even completely change the original goal of the mission towards a different alignment.
  • The more you team up with players of certain alignment, the more you align with their alignment.

This modification would involve a lot of work (and probably be very difficult to achieve), but at least part of the code is already there. Alignment already works (sort of) as a gradient, so you would only need to move the Tip Mission competition reward into other missions/choices. And choices are already in-game, as evidenced in various missions (mostly Goldside).

I feel that, overall this change would follow the spirit of Paragon’s changes (allowing every AT to start as Hero/Villain), while seamlessly removing the penalties of the current alignments system, while also making the individual alignment actually RP-able by taking into account the actual player actions in-game.