Allowing any color in costume creator {dirty workaround}

We have a decent amount of options in most palettes, but more options is always a good thing - plus,skin colors are rather lacking. So why not allow any color on any piece?

Now, of course, there comes a problem - the UI doesn’t support it. There’s been ideas of color sliders, but from what I understand, UI seems to be near the top of the “Spaghetti Code” ladder.

But we can load costumes, which have colors defined right there.

From what I’ve been told {although that was fairly early on}, when a costume is loaded, the game compares the costume pieces to what is available or valid. It likewise compares the colors against the piece’s available palette to determine if it’s “valid”. If it would be possible to code out that validation step, it might be possible to use any color on the RGB spectrum {no alpha, by the looks of it} by changing the values in the costume file and loading that.

Not elegant, but might be worth trying while wait for the UI code to get despaghettified.