Anvil's Trade Post

What I have for trade:

Unbreakable Constraint: Hold Duration/Endurance (recipe)

2 Luck of the Gambler: +7.5% Global Recharge IO’s (levels 33 & 37)

Series 1 ATO’s:

Dominion of Arachnos: Recharge/Chance for -Damage and Terrorize

Series 2 ATO’s:

(Blaster) Defiant Barrage: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance

(Corruptor) Scourging Blast: Recharge/Chance for PBAoE +End +Health

(Defender) Vigilant Assault:
Recharge/Chance for PBAoE/+Absorb

(Dominator) Dominating Grasp:
Control Duration/Recharge

(Kheldian) Essence Transfer: Damage/Recharge (x3)

(Mastermind) Mark of Supremacy:
Damage/Endurance (x2)
Endurance/Pet +Resist All/+Regen Aura

(Soldier of Arachnos) Spider’s Bite:

What I am looking for:

Coercive Persuasion:
Control Duration
Control Duration/Recharge
Control Duration/Endurance

You can find me (@Anvil) in-game or on Discord.
I have updated my post to reflect some trades (thanks all, Rebirth players are awesome!).
I would be happy to trade for Tanker/Brute/Scrapper stuff, maybe Stalker too if you have none of that.

Check your in-game email, that should be in there for you.