Art of Heroes/Villains Whatever it don't matter to me just let me see

My friend Ashen drew the top 3 of the Disney SG.

From top to bottom, it is Ashen, me (GM Vahzen), and Saren Jester


Thats awesome, I’ve always wanted to get commissions of my toons done.

Nice stuff @God!

I’m working on a suite of assets for mock comic covers for folks in the Scions family of supergroups. This is just getting started and will take a while to build up. But I think I’ve finalized the title treatments for both Scions of Justice and The New Scions. At least 4 more SG title treatments to go after this!

Trying to keep both these period accurate in hand and graphic style.


Disney SG renamed to Project O5, these are its core members in art form. Top left is Parasith, top right is GM Vahzen, bottom left is Saren Jester, bottom right is Ashen (artist of these pictures), and bottom middle is Hugo Gigawatt

In the “Pop FunkOhNos”, its Ashen, Saren Jester, GM Vahzen, Parasith, and Hugo Gigawatt


Just had this commissioned, my toon Electricity.