Badge Tracker Popmenu

This is a popmenu to keep track of which badges your current character already has, without having to browse the Personal Info/Collect sections. It will lightup blue if you have the badge, stay gray if you don’t. Badges are ordered in Alphabetical order and divided by Categories.


You can download it here:

v 2019.11.05!gghUmYYB!uSyn4nV2axfeCXIQXA3FCA5JI6gXP1jhp0JNWtpfNho

Extract the contents and copy them in your City of Heroes install folder. Make sure that the .mnu file ends up inside:
[game install]/data/texts/English/menus
Note: If you play using a non-English language, change that to the one your game is set in.

How to use:

You can use the /popmenu command and have the menu appear at your cursor location:
/popmenu Badges

Or make a macro by doing:
/macro BL "popmenu Badges"
You can use anything you want instead of BL as a title, just make it short, or it won’t fit the macro.

You can also bind the popmenu to key:
/bind <key> "popmenu Badges"

Or create a custom window by doing the following:

  1. Make sure that you are not running CoX and that you have sub-folders for the following path: [game install]/data/texts/English/menus AND \data\customwindows.

  2. Verify that you properly installed the Badge Tracker Popmenu in [game install]/data/texts/English/menus.

  3. Login to Rebirth. In-game, create a macro called Badges (or some other name) by typing the following: /macro Badges "popmenu Badges --> This has to be the same name as the filename of your .mnu file in the [game install]/data/texts/English/menus.

  4. Type in the command /customwindow Badges --> This will create a menu window on the top left of your screen. Sometimes the Target window will block it. Click on it to expand.

  5. Drag your Macro “Window” onto the “New Command” text bar. --> This will add your popmenu macro to the custom window.

  6. Check the folder \data\customwindows --> there should be a file there titled “custom.window” that was generated by CoX itself.

Found an error? Wrong names? Missing badges? Unfitting categories? Want to help?

Feel free to post down below.

v 2019.11.02 - Updated the popmenu. i24 badges should be working correctly.
v 2019.11.05 - Updated a bunch of badges and fixed D’Spite issues (whom also consolidated some sections). Thanks for your help! :wink:

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Issues I’ve found. These are all from the perspective of characters that started as Praetorians and became Villains.

The following badges are listed in Achievement -> Mayhem but in-game are in the Defeats category. Should probably be moved to a new Defeats -> Mayhem section:
Achievement -> Mayhem -> Hero Slayer
Achievement -> Mayhem -> Outlaw
Achievement -> Mayhem -> Safecracker
Achievement -> Mayhem -> Vandal

The following badges I have earned but do not presently light up:
Achievement -> Alignmemt -> Dastardly
Achievement -> Damage Taken -> Slammer
Achievement -> Trial -> A-M -> Dreamwalker / Dreamkiller
Accolade -> Day Job -> Alchemist
Accolade -> Respec -> Thorn Robber
Accolade -> Respec -> Thorn Thief
Accolade -> Respec -> Thorn Usurper
Accolade -> Star-Enhancers -> Portal Jockey / Born in Battle
PVP -> Signature Hero Defeats -> Interrogator
Invention -> A-L -> Hired Gun
Event -> Halloween -> Arriviste (Needs Testing)
Event -> Halloween -> It’s Alive (Needs Testing)
Event -> Halloween -> Tricked Out
Ouroboros -> A-D -> Divided Mastery
Day Job -> Gunrunner / Smuggler
Day Job -> Patroller / Criminal — Special case, Praetorians are always given Patroller, might have messed it up.

The following badges I have NOT earned but are lit up:
Gladiator -> Hero -> Mob Specialist
Ouroboros -> A-D -> Courageous

The following badges are missing from the popmenu entirely:
Achievement -> Task Force -> Master of the 5th Column Strike Force (Different badge than Master of the 5th Column Task Force)
Accolade -> Perks and Loyalty -> The Constant
Gladiator -> All -> Kaolin Legacy of Earth

The following badges have textual errors:
Defeats -> General Villain -> Coldhearted / Coldblooded — Order is reversed, should be “Coldblooded / Coldhearted”
Wentworths (Category) — Category renamed for villains, should be “Wentworths / Black Market”

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