Carp Melee

Not sure how many people remember, but one of the most requested set on the tanker forum was Carp Melee!

Obviously, would kinda be a waste of effort to make a brand new set just for that. But if we have anyone capable of doing 3D modelling, we could get it done via weapon customization. Warmace, BattleAxe and Broadsword all have a heavy feel, they’d work perfectly. Maybe even a smaller one for dual blade and katana?

I was trying to remember if we already have some kinda of fish in game but couldn’t find any. I think i remember some old bar maps that might have had a fish trophy on the wall to use as base?

Would be a nice throwback to one of the meme from live. =)

Titan Weapons for that extra Big Carp Energy.

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I think there is a fish model for base decorating?