Create an Heroic arc to unlock Patron Power Pools

I was thinking today about how much I’d like my Fire/Rad Controller to have Soul Mastery, but how I don’t really like the idea of making him a Villain to get it. I’m not saying that I refuse to do so (I totally will), but I got to thinking and stumbled onto this idea…

Why not, in the future, create an Heroic arc where you can unlock the Patron Power Pools? Much like Villains and Rogues currently get to choose which Patron they want to study under, Heroes and Vigilantes could be alerted that the four Arachnos Patrons are striking four separate locations, and go off on a series of missions to thwart one of them. Upon defeating them, you end up being exposed to their source of power (or something like that), gaining the ability to use Patron Power Pools on your bluesiders.

Just as a set of examples:

  • For Ghost Widow, you could stop her from binding more souls to fuel her powers, and the spirits reward you by adding their power to your own instead.
  • For Mako, you could save a group of still-partially-human Coralax from his wrath at not serving him, and gain their support and abilities.
  • You could defeat Black Scorpion as he goes to pick up a new power mace from a staff of kidnapped engineers and be given it as a souvenier for your heroism.
  • For Scirrocco, you could stop him from attacking priests of the Temple of the Four Winds or even Serafina, and be rewarded with mastery of the lightning magicks of Mu.

Ideally, this would be implemented either the same way that Villain Patrons are currently done (you choose one, you get just that badge, and you’re locked out of all the other arcs and badges)… or, better yet, both Heroes and Villains are able to do all 4 arcs for their respective side. There’s not really a reason to lock anyone out of content, especially since we’ve been able to respec out of Patrons for quite a while. This also manages to make Villain Patrons relatively RP-friendly.


I’m pretty sure this has been discussed before , but I hearted and am commenting because it’s still a good idea :slight_smile:

There has been discussions of using one in particular specifically for story reasons. Maybe finishing the DA arcs could unlock that villain on the hero side similar to a nifty story arc in Bricks that makes permanent changes in the city.