Emergency mayoral broadast

Attention all heroes of Paragon City! This is your Mayor reaching out across all channels to request your assistance!
This eternal nightfall that has befallen our city must be put to an end! Our team at M.A.G.I. are working on a spell that you may have noticed has already pushed back the night in Atlas Park, but we need your help finishing it!


Join me tonight in Atlas Park so we rid our beloved city of this madness!

Welcome to the very first in-character, roleplaying Rebirth event!

This scavenger hunt is designed for low level (10ish), blue side characters. Any level can join, but please look for a little buddy to exemplar down to if you can!

There will be a limited number of prizes handed out to those who complete the hunt, with a special prize provided to the first 5 heroes who complete it!

Clues will be provided when they are triggered, and then periodically as well to help remind people. If it proves too difficult, hints will be dropped as well =)
I will be posting the clues in:
Atlas Park Broadcast
Channel: Rebirth
Channel: RP
Be sure to add Rebirth and RP to your chat window if you need! You don’t want to miss a clue!

The first clue will be given 9:30PM eastern, 8:30PM central, 7:30PM mountain, 6:30 Pacific timezones.