Enhancements with merits

Dear dev team,

I have been playing Rebirth for about a few months. I love it here cos it’s less hectic compared with HC. However , the only thing that discourages me is the price of enhancement you buy with merits. 25 mil a piece. Come on guys. I hate to make a fire brute as a first toon to just spam AE. I come to Rebirth to relax and play the game not rushing through like most on HC-Homecoming. Can you guys please lower the price?

They mentionned they might change it. But honnestly, the ATOs are the end game enhencements, comparable to purples. There’s supposed to be harder to come by. At lvl 50, it doesn’t take that long to get the 25 mils needed. And you don’t need a fire brute for that.
You can also get hero/villain packs with the vet reward eventually.

For exemple, in 6 months, my main is complete, with better enhencement that it took my live one to get in 3 years. (X4 the playtime)

Hello there!

We are still deliberating on how to go about this, but expect some change eventually.

I realize this thread is dated - but ATOs should NOT be viewed as an end-game enhancement. They are attuned and slottable at level 10, and should be viewed and used as such. They should be affordable for any level 10 character just starting out.