Favorite Storyline in Comics

For me nothing could ever top the Death of Superman and the Reign of Supermen.

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I’m glad you had the return in there are well, I really liked that whole run.

It’s pretty hard to pick one storyline, and I don’t want to be that guy but…

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This is such a hard question, lol. I was always a Marvel kid growing up but there have been so many good arcs from everyone over the years. There have been so many heart breaking and exciting moments that are rushing back to me. There have been single panels that have had more engaging stories than entire series as well.

I was there when Peter discovers that Gwen is dead and is horrified that it may have been his fault.
I was there when Stark is defeated, both by a villain and his own demons, and Rhodey has to don the mantle of Iron Man for the first time.
I was there when Steve Rogers felt disgraced to wear the star and stripes and abandons them.
I was there when the “Unstoppable Juggernaut” is discovered by the x-men, stopped in New York by some unknown source. The fear and panic he displayed when revived, and of course his answer to what did it.
I was there was a powerless Storm challenged her friend, and leader, Cyclops for the mantle of the team, and won.
I was there when a scared Jubliee tries to comfort Logan who is recovering from having his adamatium skeleton removed. Him pleading with her to leave because he can’t control his feral side.
I was there when Logan discovers that he was tricked into killing his friends and family, which set off world changing events.

All these events and untold more were amazing bits of story. But the absolute first thing that came to my mind when I saw this topic was this:

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John Byrne’s reboot of Superman is perhaps my favorite run in comics, and what got me into comic collecting as a hobby. I liked Reign of Supermen better than Death of as a storyline. Doomsday was just a boring plot device (came out of nowhere, said nothing, no personality). I also really like Peter J. Tomasi’s take on his Superman Rebirth run.

On the Marvel side, I’m an X-Men guy. I like Dark Phoenix Saga. The original Excalibur team was a fun read. But my best memories of reading the X-Men were during the Outback era: Longshot and Dazzler romance, Psylocke becomes a ninja, Wolverine is crucified, Genosha is introduced, and the art of Marc Silvestri and Jim Lee.

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I read that they made Doomsday to be the foil to Superman’s classic rivalries. Because most of his villains were more cerebral they decided to go as far opposite from the Lex Luther or Darksied or Braniac.

I enjoyed the it a lot personally and get what they were going for, but yeah Doomsday is basically kind of a boring villain. He did have a interesting back story (that I predicted well before it was published in Hunter/Prey)

He’s more like a act of nature or a classic giant monster than a comic book villain.

Also, as a side note although I already weighed in on my favorite story line, I’d like to mention the first 24 issues of Astonishing X-men as one of my favorites


Astonishing was amazing, and I was done with Bendis overload at that point too. I think it was more the artists though because they had some amazing panels in addition to some good writing, if a little fan service-ey.

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Yeah, I got that he was a force of nature, and I do like the background revealed in Hunter/Prey. It just felt like too much of a contrivance at the time for what was supposed to be the death of the first superhero. I guess I was one of those fans who felt that whoever killed Superman should have had more grounding or connection to the existing mythos, and what ultimately sold me on the event was how the supporting cast, and the rest of the shared universe, were impacted, which only happened in the follow up issues (Funeral for a Friend and Reign of Supermen).

As for Astonishing X-Men, its on my To Read list. I’m a Whedon fan, and I keep hearing good things about the series. Also a big Colossus fan, so…

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I started thinking about The Sentry from Marvel recently, and I really enjoyed that entire original story arc.

In summary, imagine a Superman in the marvel universe, with even more powers than Supes. Now picture that he’s actually been there since the very beginning. He worked with training the original X-Men, Fantastic Four teamed up constantly, The Hulk was a true hero with Sentrys guidance. This hero has “superman” level of impact on the Marvel universe…except everyone has forgotten about him. Why?

I don’t wan’t to spoil it for anyone, but I recommend giving that arc a read if you can.


I could see how people might have thought Astonishing was a bit too fan service heavy. It was just amazing how many things Whedon brought back from previous story lines that made perfect sense.

Whedon made the New X-men so much better than it was thanks to how many unresolved bits Joss managed to bring back up and add to.

Also seeing Kitty finally come back to the Xmansion was amazing and a great reflection back to when she left right after the legacy virus was cured


One of my favorites was the Illyana Saga which in my opinion starts with the Magik miniseries and then concludes years later with this issue of New Mutants.


Infrerno was pretty awsome! That was a really strong stretch in there for the Xfamilies. Mutant Massacre has just happened which was amazing as well in spite of an cross over with one of the worst teams in marvels history. Also this happened

in spite of an cross over with one of the worst teams in marvels history.

I’m curious, what team are you refering to?

X-terminators would be my guess, out of that lineup.

No no no, so much worse then Xterminators…

Power Pack. :face_vomiting:image

That’s what i was scared you’d say. =(

I actually own all the Power Pack comics. They’re really good and i love the style.

I’m sure they were actually good, but forcing a crossover into such a dark storyline forevermore tainted them in my eyes

I loved Grant Morrison’s run on JLA. It’s what got me into comics.

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I’m mostly a Marvel fan, especially X-men/mutant related stories. And the Buffyverse. There’s kinda too many storyline for me to remember my favorite.

However, Superman the Red Son is one of my favorite. It’s a kind of what if? where Superman crashed into a farmland in URSS instead. Nice containted story of what would happend if Superman was communist instead.

The other one i love is Black Summer from Warren Ellis. The one active and most powerful hero arrived to press conference covered in blood and say he executed the president for his crimes and that he want a true fair election to happen, that he will supervise. It shows what would likely happen if superheores existed and a more realistic version of Marvel’s civil war.

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Can’t say I ever heard of Black Summer, I’ll have to give it a look!