Forcefield Survey

Following up on a load of discussion in discord, I am putting together this survey. Just a bunch of polls. All public. Fill it out at your leasure. This Poll will close on the 8th at Midnight

Question 1: Do you have/play a forcefield character and have played them in the past 2 weeks?

  • Yes, I actively or have actively played a character that uses the Forcefield Powerset
  • Yes, I have a force field character but have not actively played them in the past 2 weeks
  • No, I have not made a character with the force field power set

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Question 2: Of the following powers in Force Field, which ones do you choose to take?

  • Force Bolt (Ranged, Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Knockback)
  • Insulation Field (Ranged (Targeted AoE), Ally +DEF(Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative, Ranged, AoE), +Res(End Drain))
  • Detention Field (Ranged, Foe Capture(Special))
  • Dispersion Bubble (Toggle: PBAoE, Team +Res(Hold, Immobilize, Disorient), +DEF(All))
  • Repulsion Field (Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Knockback)
  • Repulsion Bomb ( Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate DMG(Smash), Foe Disorient, Knockdown)
  • Force Bubble (Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Repel, Knockdown)

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Question 3: Of these powers, which ones do you feel needs changes?

  • Force Bolt
  • Insulation Field
  • Detention Field
  • Dispersion Bubble
  • Repulsion Field
  • Repulsion Bomb
  • Force Bubble

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Question 4: Do you feel we should break the Cottage Rule* to make appropriate changes?
*The Cottage Rule:

An existing power will not have its core functionality and purpose changed, though its strength may be altered and effects secondary to the power’s true purpose may be added or removed.

  • Yes, I feel that we should change some of the powers core functionalities
  • No, I do not feel that we should change some of the powers core functionalities.

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Comments are appreciated

I forgot Personal Force Field!!
Addendum Question 1: Defenders can skip taking Personal Force Field. If you had that choice, would you take Personal Force Field?

  • Yes, I would take Personal Force Field
  • No, I would not take Personal Force Field

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Addendum Question 2: Do you feel Personal Force Field requires changes? (Cottage ruling applies from above)

  • Yes, I feel it requires changes
  • No, It is fine as is.

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Man I’m really torn on potentially breaking the cottage rule. On one hand I want the server to remain pure, but on the other hand, some sets, like forcefield are really showing their age. It has the potential to be a slippery slope, that said I voted in favor of breaking the rule for this specific instance.

Personal Force Field has slipped my mind. I have added two Addendum questions to the survey to address this oversight.

Force field should have Absorb in some power, to add a layer besides +Defence. The set is a one-trick pony with soft controls through knockback/repel, but against enemies with extensive -Defence or +ToHit, it can be almost nullified. Adding Absorb to a power would be nice to add that extra protective layer and would arguably be thematic - it’s just that this effect did not exist when CoH was released.

Of the lot, I’d rather see Repulsion field switched to a pulsing +Absorb field to repel attacks, rather than the otherwise extremely pervasive knockback/repel of enemies. This would obviously change the core functionality of that single power which would require breaking the cottage rule.

With that single change, the other powers could maybe either be left alone or for the ally targetted bubbles, get some defence debuff resist added. That change means bubbles actually do something for characters already at soft-cap by their own power and also help the bubbles play a role even in defence debuff environments. Since IO’s mean more and more characters can already be soft-capped, such secondary effects would help Force fields to be relevant even with kitted out melee sets.


I really like the idea of giving defense debuff resistance to your team. There are not many ways to give that to allies.

The reason that slippery slope is a logical fallacy is that there actually is no compelling reason why one change begets another. If our goal is to make sensible changes at each stage, then there’s no slip; just deliberate and well-though-out changes.