Forum Recommendations!

I was wondering if there is anywhere for Forum suggestions? None of the current category really stood out, maybe as a sub for devops?

Also, can we break Roleplaying out separately into a main category?

Also adding AT groupings to the build channel would help ease some clutter. so Tankers/Brutes page, scrapper/stalker, etc.

By DevOps do you mean a forum for Rebirth Development?

And Roleplaying should be broken out already. I just moved it to it’s own category. Looking forward to suggestions for sub categories.

The Rebirth Development channel was what I was meaning by DevOps. Currently it’s more worded for game coding and just “rebirth as an entity” which was what I was after. So Forum suggestions would go there.

Yeah there’s going to be a point that Rebirth Development will be more handled by us directly rather than relying on OuroDev or other coders to handle it for us. We’re still going to follow along with OuroDev’s work but at some point there will be a split as we make the game more for the players than holding on to the idea of being a vanilla server.

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Love it!