Game Server Restored, My Thanks

Game Server Restored

Hey everyone, one additional bonus for you guys: I granted all accounts with a log in during the last two weeks 10 Super Packs to their most recently logged in character before the maintenance. 5 Super Packs: Rogue/Villains and 5 Super Packs: Heroes/Villains. You’ll see these listed on your character as “Special Salvage”. Just right click on them and hit open.

(If you’re missing them, simply log out to the title screen and then log back in. Be sure to check ALL characters before claiming you don’t have them.) These packs will be available at some point as a purchasable vendor item via a future Game Update. (We’re working on the pricing and distribution of them. I’m trying to make sure they aren’t TOO easy to get and not incredibly super secret and hard. Whoever said “game balance is easy”, is a liar.)

Enjoy your night. I also have one BIG community update coming soon. (Likely tomorrow.) We’re also working on “Paragon Market” store so you can “spend” those "Paragon Points you’re banking.

-GM retched