Game Update 2 Patch Notes: AKA The Guardian Update (Again!)

Hello, internet.

So after what happened on the 30th, the team learned a few things. This is our first step in putting those lessons into practice; what follows are our proposed list of changes for Game Update 2: Guardians. These notes have changed since they were originally posted, so please go over them carefully. In addition, the Guardian feedback thread has been updated with numbers and power descriptions for powersets currently being considered. (I swear I will get around to this)

This update is currently live on the Rebirth Test shard. Please do not report bugs and issues encountered on the Test shard via in-game petition or @PPD Drone in Discord; general feedback and bugs should be reported in this thread and Guardian-specific issues here: Guardians: An In-Depth Discussion

Archetypes Updates

  • Implemented Guardian, a new player archetype that fills melee, ranged, and support roles! Guardians have access to Assault primaries, similar to Dominator Assault powersets, including Gun Fu, Hellfire Assault, Thorny Assault, and more. Guardian secondaries are Compositions, a blend of light support and survivability that allow them to stay in the fight to empower their allies with powersets such as Atmospheric Composition, Pain Focusing, and Temporal Reaction. Guardians additionally have access to the Fire, Ice, Primal Forces, and Psionic Mastery epic pools, as well as the four Patron pools (once unlocked normally). Finally, the Guardian’s Inherent ability is Resolve, which grants nearby allies an absorb and mez protection effect whenever the Guardian helps defeat a foe.
    For more information about Guardians, see this thread for more details: Guardians: An In-Depth Discussion

Powers and Powersets Updates

  • Enabled Psionic Melee with SFX
    As part of the Guardian update, Psionic Melee needed its sound effects in place, and once that had happened, there was no reason not to be re-enable the powerset.

  • Added Color Tintable Options for Peacebringers’ and Warshades’ Forms and Powers - Partially Implemented on Test (Powers still have default FX in forms)
    Does what it says on the tin. Golden Peacebringers? Hot Pink Warshades? Sure, why not?

  • Ouroboros Portal can now be used while flying
    I need to stress that this allows you to place it in ways that weren’t originally intended, i.e. on ceilings, and the portal may fail to be interactable if you do so. This is a quick hacky workaround that we’re aiming to replace with a much more workable solution; however this is a common complaint deserving of the “fix it now and fix it later” treatment.

  • Implemented Inspiration Gifting for Non-Mastermind Pets
    Yes, you’d be surprised what the game considers a “power.” Care of malonkey1’s research, any character with pets can feed them inspirations in the same way Masterminds do. Mastermind’s Bodyguard inherent will continue to be unique to them, but we felt the functionality of granting inspirations to pets being exclusive to one Archetype was an opportunity for improvement.

Costume Updates

  • Implemented BubbleWrap’s Asymmetry and Freakshow NPC Costume Options
    Perfectly unbalanced, as all things should be.

Enhancement Management Salvage Updates

  • Added Enhancement Unslotters to enemy drop tables, with the same availability, drop chance, and diminishing returns as Enhancement Converters.
    Unslotters will not effect your chances of receiving a Converter or any other type of loot from defeated enemies.

  • Added Enhancement Boosters to incarnate drop tables, with the same availability and drop chance as Enhancement Catalysts, but with diminishing returns similar to Enhancement Converters and Unslotters.
    Again, these will not affect the drop chance of any other loot. The decision to add diminishing returns to Boosters’ drop chances was to test out an alternative to the way the game currently rewards Catalysts (with a brief, static lockout). Boosters should in general be slightly more available than Catalysts due to need, and we’ll be monitoring these numbers closely to ensure that Boosters drop at an appropriate rate for character progression.

Client Updates

  • Updated Loading Screen Tips to remove outdated information and references to microtransactions
    Tips with Rebirth-specific information have taken their place.

  • Added Rebirth Program Icon and Login Screen - Partially Implemented on Test (Login Splash is still Ouro’s)
    A little vanity never hurt anybody.

  • Added Easter Eggs
    Just a few :devito:

  • Corrected Game Update 1 Localization
    In the future this will allow us to translate our changes to other languages. I know it’s the least exciting change. That’s why it’s down here, alright?


Logged onto Test server, can confirm Boosters are dropping in at least DA Incarnate content.

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Guardian class icon doesn’t display in team window, but shows fine in search window.

I believe I’ve caught the issue with the missing Guardian class icon in group windows, and it should be squashed in the next Test shard update, thanks!

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Some fun trivia on this. It turns out that pets actually have an inspiration inventory, and when you give an inspiration to a pet you literally give that inspiration to the pet, and the pet just uses it automatically.

Also, all the MM-specific features are coded to explicitly look for the MM archetype, rather than using a flag, because I don’t think they ever intended to have other classes that can do Bodyguarding or inspiration sharing with their pets like the MM.

Bug report: At least in the character creator, the radiation assault melee powers (radioactive smash, radiation siphon, devastating blow, and atom smasher) and the ground zero power from radiation composition are all missing most/all of their VFX, which I think they had in the previous patch.

ANother bug: The Skull Buster badge is missing the proper string for its description. Instead it has a PString number.

Yeah this seems to have kicked up once we pushed our badge changes, it might be related to using 2500 data for that

(which may or may not have caused our patch day issues)

Love the Guardian - my only 2 suggestions:

  1. Temporal Reaction is the ONLY secondary without a group heal until you get to level 38 and that one is more of a side effect of the buff - might want to remove Time Crawl (since other powers in set have some of the same effects it does) and replace it with “Temporal Mending” (the heal that already exists for Defender/Controller Time Manipulation) so that it stays as viable as the other Secondary’s for group usefulness.

  2. I really wish that a version of Savage Assault was ported over to the Primaries, its such a great Assault Power for Dominators and really fills a Nature Theme great.

That set in general has issues. It might as well not even exist until you get Time’s Juncture, it’s got almost no defense until 28, and then suddenly you finish the set and start adding IOs and it turns into a permahasten softcapped-to-everything beast. (With major portions of that defense and recharge applying to teammates as well!) I’m actually wondering if it might make more sense to remove Time Crawl for Temporal Mending and then remove Chrono Shift for Distortion Field (with that at 35 and Slowed Response at 38). That would drastically improve the set at low levels while reining in the top-end performance of the set somewhat. Or, perhaps, leave chrono shift but remove farsight instead, while increasing the defense values in the armor powers to partially (but not completely!) compensate. It just seems a bit much for one set to have such strong recharge and such strong defense potential, but at the same time the set kinda sucks until endgame.

Anyone else getting CTD’d upon entering Faultline? It seems to happen at random for me.

I do notice I tend to be the only one on, so maybe it’s a problem with the client not waiting for the mapserver to spin up?

Faultline is still subject to the CTD issue on live, afaik it’s one of the weird fringe issues Ouro was hoping the vs2019 conversion and 64bit would help with

We’ll get a manifest update out soon for testing, but the Test shard has been updated with a new build that includes BubbleWrap’s asymmetry/Freakshow options as well as malonkey1’s Inspiration gifting for all pets, in addition to a host of Guardian refinements I’ll go over in the other thread.