Give us a way to accelerate the Terravolta trial

Waiting for the mobs is tedious. Can we find a way to call them or make them spawn quicker after the last set? A glowie mabye? Maybe we could knock on the doors

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Totally agree! I think we were only 4 for the 44+ and it was still very long with too much time in between all the waves. I think we used the temp power to heal the core once to keep it at 100%.

Shorter timer between waves or a glowie to call them like jordan yen mentionned would be awesome.

As merit rewards are based on the time it takes, not difficulty, the trial would probably have to be adjusted for that.

Pretty sure nobody would care if the merits is reduced. People do it for badges or respec mostly ( or for new content). Atm it’s so slow and mind numbing but you also can’t really just alt-tab/not pay attention cause they risk break the core and wasting all your time.