'Grapple bind' for melee characters

/bind KEYNAME “target_enemy_near$$follow”

This will target the enemy closest to you then follow it.
Replace KEYNAME with whatever key you want to use (I myself use BUTTON4 on my mouse, speedy press for more PUNCHing!)

EDIT: For more improved PUNCHing use:

/bind KEYNAME “targetenemynear$$targetcustomnext enemy alive$$targetcustomprev enemy alive$$follow”


targetenemynear$$targetcustomnext enemy alive$$targetcustomprev enemy alive

This will keep you from targeting defeated near enemies.


The grapple bind doesn’t target a defeated enemy as far as I’ve experienced.

EDIT: I tested it last night and it never chose a defeated enemy.

EDIT: In a mission last night I ran into the problem you discussed. Will fix original post.

Glad I could help.