Halloween Costume Contest! (10/31)

Hi and welcome everyone! We’re announcing our first ever live Halloween Costume contest!

The event will take place in Pocket D on the 31st of October, 7:00 PM PST, everyone is invited and it’s suggested you arrive early for the spooky fun!

For this contest, winners will be selected based on their spookiest costumes! Bios are a plus, so we encourage you to tap into your creative side and make us shiver!

We’ll select three lucky participants as winners of this contest and the rewards are as followed:

The first place winner will receive a special golden title, “This is Halloween!” lasting 90 days of real time, a special “NPC Costume Code” of their choice and last, but not least, the fabled, “April’s Fool!” badge!

2nd - 3rd place winners will receive a special golden title, “Made Me Shiver!” lasting 60 days of real time, a special “NPC Costume Code” and the “April’s Fool” badge.

Special mentions will receive a special golden title reading, “Oh, Spooky!” lasting 30 days of real time.

Following the costume contest we’ll be spawning some spooky AV’s/GM’s for you all to crush, which will include merits and badges as a reward for all that participate.
(Rewards and placements may vary at the discretion of the Rebirth Team and on participation.)

We look forward to seeing you there!
The Rebirth Team



First Place Second Place Third Place
Character Clockwork Witch Lost Girl Burning Brain
User Nod Lost Girl Anvil

Honorable Mentions:

Character Decidruid Gothification Scarr Lett
User El Bee Gothic Alpha Orangeboat