Halloween themed costume contest!

Hi there, I am following up with my previous post and making a Halloween CC on Oct 30th 7:00 PM PDT (an hour before Itrials). I have nothing planned that day so unless something comes up this will be happening. Meeting at the spookiest co-op zone (that doesn’t have horrible lighting), The Midnighter Club. Looking for any sort of spooky costumes be it an original design or a Halloween version of your regular hero/villain supersuit. Grand Prize will be a Gaussians synchronized fire control: chance for build up, and a blessing of zephyr knockback protection. recipe at the lowest levels possible, 21 and 10.
Runner up will get a gaussian chance for build up crafted enhancement at 50
Honorable Mentions will get whatever I have lying around, and all who participate will get 10 Inf, because why not. Important notes: I am the sole judge and everything will be based on a random internet persons opinion, This event will occur unless something comes up or I forget! In the event either of those occur I will probably do the event sometime after halloween. Hope to see you there (and be there myself)!

Seems I’ll be saving these recipes for another day, looking forward to the 31st


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