Hard Mode XForces

“You have stories for days but you’re still small time! You got no audience! No following! No one to tell your story! What you need … is me.” - The Hype Man

Taking inspiration from other MMOs on the market, I would like to propose an additional variant of Task/Strike forces. A hard mode of them, if you will. One that takes it to the max level. More than just self-imposed challenges in the taskforce window. Paragon Task forces and Tyrant Strike forces*.

*Working title

The story concept: On blueside, a studio executive gets wind of your actions in the city and wants to serialize them. However Paragon City has had it’s fair share of unbelievable tales. He needs to take it to the next level by exaggerating the struggles.
On redside, a wrestling announcer hears of your exploits and offers a simple exchange: You tell him about some of your adventures and he will be your Hype Man.
Both will recount the exaggerated tales with such vivid detail that it will be as if you are running them yourselves (because you will be).

Mechanical concept: Rerunning older task/strike forces, with some potential minor changes, with stricter, hardcoded limitations, at level 50 regardless of the taskforce.
Specific limitations would be a harder cap on number of people allowed on and a forced multiplier.

For example, Synapse’s Paragon Taskforce would be limited to 3-5 people, but be set at a x6-8 multiplier. To make it less time intensive, some of the task force’s defeat alls would be cut. Remember, this is a TV show. Gotta keep it exciting. Finally, it would be against the Psychic Clockwork at level 50.

Potential Balance concepts: To keep people from just going straight for the harder versions, one would need to complete the older version first.
To keep people from only running the harder versions, thus limiting the amount of people who would do the older versions, a simple badge check at the end to see if you already had the badge and a reward of Astrals/Threads/More Merits/Cookies for rerunning old content for people.

Rewards: Hard versions of the Xforces would give the same amount of reward merits as the normal version and a Thread Incarnate drop. This gives Small Groups a way to gain Thread Incarnate Materials. If possible as well, a shinier version of the badge with a new title. Instead of Synapses Cohort it’d be Synapse’s Paragon for a rough idea.

Pros and Cons:
Pros: It would give max level players the ability to do old content in a way that gives them full access to their powers and in a challenging way. The rewards would also give Small groups access to easier Thread Incarnate Drops to fill the gap between Solo (DA) and Large Groups (itrials).
Cons: I could see it dividing the Max and Low level players even further.

I dunno. What do you all think about this? Would this be something one would like to see? Is there something I haven’t thought of?

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