Help Wanted: Open Recruitment For Coders, Artists, Lore Writers

Well it took a while, but we’re finally done setting up internal procedures. We have a large amount of data and a full blown checklist of things we need to fix and resolve. With v2i2 just released on OuroDev, and being worked on by us behind the scenes, we’re finally ready to make changes that will enable us to push the game and its development forward.

Who We Are

We’re an all-volunteer group of City of Heroes players that have been drawn together for one simple reason: to make City of Heroes available undiluted via our server, “Rebirth.” We do not currently collect nor solicit donations in order to operate the server. Yes, we do it for free. We’re just a bunch of people that want to recreate the game experience to be as close as possible to the original retail version of the game.

What We’re Doing

We’re currently using the Ourodev code releases as a base and adding on top of it changes that our playerbase wants to see. New powers, new ATs, new costumes, new missions… new lore. (I’ll explain this last bit in another post.) We’re stepping away from the status of being just a “vanilla server.” Instead, we are moving forward while keeping all changes synced with the spirit of what Cryptic/Paragon Studios wanted City of Heroes to be. In other words, we are operating within the limits of the cottage rule.

Who Should Apply/Ideal Candidate

For coders: Generally speaking, if you are a person who already has some experience modifying the game code, you’d be most welcomed; but that is a bonus, not a requirement. Outside of that, if you are a person that has knowledge about the C and C++ programming languages (ideally) and think you have the time available to help us out, feel free to apply. If you know any other languages or are just plain tech-savvy, give it a shot. You could be of help too!

For artists: If you have any art design experience, you would be most welcome here, as would be 3D artists. You would be free to use whatever program you are comfortable with, as long as your output is convertible to the formats City of Heroes uses. Remember this engine is custom built from the ground up and is over ten years old. So expect to be working with older image file formats.

For lore writers: Generally, just having a knowledge about the world of City of Heroes/Villains/Going Rogue/their comics at large would be great. Obviously, any experience as a writer would be a plus. Telling new stories that complement the original lore without retconning would also be ideal.

Ethics Guidelines

With various different servers having different methodologies in regards to content creation and sharing, we’re laying down the following guidelines for any content created for City of Heroes: Rebirth.

  • First, any content you make is entirely yours without reproach. City of Heroes: Rebirth and the Rebirth team as a whole do not claim ownership of any material you provide to the game. That being said, any content published and distributed to Rebirth will grant the server an irrevocable, royalty-free license for its entire existence in the game. That is to say, you cannot tell us to remove the works provided once it’s published for general distribution.
  • Secondly, any works provided to Rebirth are to be conflict-free. That is, there should be no underlying disputed claim on who is the owner of the work that is to be provided. (i.e. If you enter into an agreement that dictates your works created belong exclusively to the ones who commissioned it, you CANNOT submit that work for use on Rebirth.)

How to Apply

As Discord is our main point of contact for everything internal for City of Heroes: Rebirth, you’ll need to apply via our special application bot. To do so, visit our Discord server:

Once there, type the command !apply to begin the application process. AppBot (Rikti Drone) will send you a DM and respond to you via programmed messages. Simply type your messages out to it and follow the prompts.


There is no formal deadline. We’ll be adding as many people as deemed necessary.


If there are any questions, feel free to reach out and respond here on the forums or send us a message over on our Discord.