How do we say "Thank you"?

Something that’s been bugging me for a while is the vast amount of time and effort everyone is spending to bring this game back to life and keep it going. It’s incredible and there doesn’t seem to be a proper way to show our thanks.

What are some of the ways we can keep the devs and mods and GMs aware of just how much this means to us? Other than playing the crap out of the game of course…


Ways you can say “Thank You” that honestly means more than you could imagine…

  • Hearing constructive feedback from our friends playing on the servers.
  • Being active players on a regular bases as your schedule allows, we know everyone has real-life obligations and other interests.
  • Telling friends about the servers and inviting them to play with you or the community. Watching server growth is part of the rewarding feeling and motivates everyone to want to do more.
  • Being a part of the conversation both in-game and on the forums and Discord server.

Honestly, you would be surprised. Seeing new players joining is one of the biggest “Thank you” we can receive.


Well it’s good to know I’ve got most of that covered. Unfortunately everyone I know that cares about City of Heroes is already playing but I can say that my son and I are very regular on the server :slight_smile:

I’m getting close to 1100 badges now on my main


Well, you can just take a look at my ATO trad-

:policeman: gets hauled off by Retched :chains:

Seriously though, JATMN reccomendations are on point, spread the voice around! Both between players and modder/coder communities alike.

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I really wish I knew more players from back in the day, but I can definitely promise that anyone who asks about CoH or accidentally says something that sounds a little like it gets an earful :smiley: