I spent most of my CoX time on Champion

I was a member of the Justice Protectorate and after they broke up, I formed a small supergroup Asloc.

My first 50 was an Inv/SS tank named Finnian. On Rebirth Finnian is Willpower/SS and will be my first 50, but due to a serious case of alt addiction, that will be a bit.

Other long-lasting characters I played on Champion include:
Starfinder - Grav/Rad controller
Kinspeed - Kin/Energy defender
Cloud Dancer - Storm/Sonic defender
Blade Sinister - Katana/Dark scrapper
Shadowsmith - Dark/Regen scrapper
Mourning Pyre - Fire/Energy tank
Commander Black - Crab Spider turned Hero
Psilent Sentry - Sonic/Psychic defender
Liberty Jack - Shield/Mace tank
Sovereign Sky - Ice/Energy tank

Anyway, I just wanted to say, “Hi!” to anyone from Champion. Feel free to give me a shout if you see me in game.

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