Incarnate trials, MSR, PvP tournament weekly schedule (March 2020)

This is copied and pasted from Gothic’s text on Discord for those not using Discord.

Events are unofficial, player formed and may change without notice

All times in US Central time zone

Monday: iTrials 8:15 PM

Tuesday: i Trials 8:15 PM

Wednesday: iTrials 9:15 PM

Thursday: iTrials 10:15 PM

Friday: Hardmode iTrials (Magisterium, badges, etc.) 10:15 PM

Saturday: MSR#1 1:00 PM, MSR#2 2:00 PM, Redside WST 3:00 PM, iTrials 6:00 PM

Sunday: PvP event 9:00 PM to 11:00PM Ask in game for location. Server Reset 11:00PM - Typically this is a 15 or so minute reset but may be much longer if there are significant updates/ technical issues.

Addendum: Schedule for PVP Night is here

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