Increase Auction House slots

So we all know that currently, Rebirth doesn’t have the capacity to sustain a healthy market. The community has already expressed itself against seeding the market, but there are other options. Why not just raise the number of AH slots available per character?

This would:

  • Counteract the smaller population issue
  • Allow players to sell more varied content, most stuff still hasn’t sold a single item since the server came live.
  • Make it easier for players to sell more quantity, as it is, it is easier and faster to just vendor off nearly everything rather than bother with the AH.
  • Remove the need to make alts to auction stuff with, plenty of enterprising individuals are already doing this.
  • Keep the AH a free market and not a re-distribution utopia.

Now, how much should the slot quantity should be raised, x2? x10? More? What do you think?


Not against the idea, agree that the market needs help but some points.

Salvage actually buys/sells fine on market in my experience. It’s that most recipes are hard to source. Especially whole sets.

You can increase ah slots with some badging work, and by the paragon rewards.

I don’t think it would substantially help. I think we need something to help (that is, make the market work better). If people just put up another pacing of the snail in their extra slots it won’t sell any faster. Stuff that hasn’t sold since the game started isn’t more likely to sell because people have put other stuff up as well.

Perhaps when/if more enhancement convertors drop, people will buy the dud stuff to convert more often.

I guess I’m saying it’s more a supply problem than a selling/bidding one.

I think it would help a ton. There’s so much recipe i get and just straight vendor them cause i don’t have enough slots ( and that is with max paragon reward and decent badging).

Vault being so small and since there’s no recipe storage we use AH for storage also. Then, there’s all the crafted IOs we make to get badges. I’ve had to delete a ton of lvl 50 IOs, they just don’t sell close to fast enough.

More convertor drops won’t really help for rare but cheap recipes. Nobody is gonna waste them to make pacing of the snail. As a whole, the most efficient way to use converters is for purples, PVPs, ATOs, etc. Maybe the odd numina, miracle, LoTG.

How many slots to have is a bit harder to guess… the only possible problem with too many slots is if some people start to try abusing the market. Putting tons of super low bids everywhere and selling super high, screwing all the other players. I’d love x5 or x10. Probably more if i wanna get the selling badges without destroying the market.