IRON ARCHITECT – Halloween 2019 Edition

You’ve seen this type of contest before, but now it comes with a spookier theme! :ghost: :bat: :spider_web:
This competition is for those that love creating story arcs using Architect Entertainment and obviously, for those who like to play said creations too.

WHAT IS IRON ARCHITECT? Iron Architect is a play on the popular cooking competition show “Iron Chef.” On “Iron Chef”, contestants would go ahead and make meals, focusing on one or more key food elements, in the hopes of defeating one of the Iron Chefs as being judged by a panel of judges. Our contest is NOT going to involve you hunting recipes and food items across Paragon City/Praetoria/Rogue Isles…instead, Iron Architect will focus on players’ ability to make stories and arcs within Architect Entertainment (AE) that expand upon or are inspired by the story and lore of the City of Heroes/Villains as a whole.

At the beginning of the contest, we will ask players to make a story arc based on a set theme, villain group(s), arch-villain (or hero), and some MINOR tweak. All the stories created in AE are canonically, simulations, so the stories will generally be treated as non-canonical to the main City of Heroes storyline. It applies to “Dev Choice” and “Hall of Fame” arcs as well.

At the end of submission date, we’ll pick the best arcs that fit the announced theme of the contest and give them prizes based on performance. Every aspect of the arc will be judged by a team of composed of various Staff Members from City of Heroes: Rebirth, using the following factors:

  • Creativity in the dialogues of the various NPCs.
  • Creativity in the dialogues presented to the player (aka contact dialogue before entering, the popup entering the mission, and any tips or souvenirs generated.)
  • Difficulty of each mission presented. (It has to be more than just “click a glowie” to advance, but it shouldn’t be something ridiculous like an EB/AV farm.)
  • Immersion of the City of Heroes lore into the story. (It will be up to the architect to find a way how to bend the lore of City of Heroes but not go way out of base with it.)
  • Overall entertainment of the arc presented. (Your arc can be long as hell but if it drags on, it’ll be rather lame. You can make a TF-like arc but it still has to captivating and make the player want to play more and see it through.)
  • Does the arc “wrap up nicely”? (Meaning that all of this needs to happen in ONE arc (one mission up to five missions). It cannot be left on a “To Be Continued…”, no cliffhangers, no teasers for another arc, etc.)
  • Above all, creativity in the usage of the tools provided by Architect Entertainment will also be judged.

:jack_o_lantern: THEME – Halloween :jack_o_lantern:
Costumes, decorations, music, and candy, that is what Halloween is all about, right? This contest’s theme focuses on telling spooky stories using Halloween topics, ranging from witchcraft, horror, hauntings, monsters, spirits, gothic-ambiance, trick-or-treating and so on. Architects are being asked to create missions integrating some of these topics into their creations however they see fit, be it a lore-friendly mission, or something more comedic. Some examples may include a murder mystery :dagger: , a haunted mansion :ghost: , the dead rising :zombie: , a monster hunt :wolf: , a curse out of control :smiling_imp:, a costume party :partying_face: , etc.

Enemy Group Limits

You can use any in-game groups for your boss, minion, and ambush spawns. There is also no limit to which groups you’re allowed to use together but try to limit your selections to be reasonable thematic combinations. Also, the mission should try make sense in-lore for what groups you chose (i.e., you wouldn’t really see the Arachnos do a charitable mission without some way to profit, would you?). You are free to use custom groups as you see fit though. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies and ghost, among others, are obviously welcome.

Mission Architect Limits
  • You can only have up to ONE (1) mission be a simple, “click-a-glowie” resolution.
  • Custom enemies of any kind are allowed for custom groups and as part of the in-game groups used in your mission.
  • Using a Custom NPC contact is allowed for the arc, but it must make sense for that custom contact to have info on the series of missions in the arc. (Hint: Think to the various mission NPC’s in the game. Something like that.)


:1st_place_medal: First Place:

  • Winning arc designation as “Dev Choice”. (Your arc will be removed from your arc limit in AE and can award normal rewards as if a normal mission in-game.)
  • 100 Reward Merits (issued as 4x 25 Merit packs)
  • 3 Paragon Reward Tokens
  • 90-Day In-Game Time Limited Yellow Title “Iron Architect”
  • 5 Packs of either Super Pack (“Heroes and Villains” or “Rogues and Vigilantes”)
  • Choice of “Costume Code Power” (see FAQs)

:2nd_place_medal: Honorable Mention:

  • 25 Reward Merits
  • 1 Paragon Reward Token
  • 90-Day In-Game Time Limited Yellow Title “Iron Contender”
  • 2 Packs of either Super Pack

:3rd_place_medal: Participation Prize:

  • 1 Pack of either Super Pack
  • 7-Day In-Game Time Limited Title “An Attempt Was Made/Iron Attempt/Rusty Attempt” (optional)

:vampire: Submissions Open – October 20, 2019 @ 6:00 PM CST
:coffin: Submissions Closed – November 3, 2019 @ 6:00 PM CST
:mage: Winners Announced – November 10, 2019


The Iron Architect: Halloween submissions have officially closed, as of the Sunday Reset!

We are including a Player’s Choice option vote this time around! The following Arcs have been submitted:

Arc 364: Cannibal Conundrum
Arc 367: You Taste Funny
Arc 368: The Greatest Horror of All
Arc 369: Trick or Treat

Play all 4 Arcs, then vote here:

Help weigh-in on which one you feel is the best of them all!

So we have finally tallied up all the votes and the winners of the :ghost: Iron Architect: Halloween Edition :ghost: are in!

Congratulations to (from left to right):
:first_place: Arc 369: Trick or Treat by Small Medium • 1st Place
:second_place: Arc 364: Cannibal Conundrum by El Bee~ • Honorable Mention
:third_place: Arc 367: You Taste Funny by CaptRory • Participation Prize
:third_place: Arc 368: The Greatest Horror of All by Breezy • Participation Prize

Note: Prizes will be granted once the winners let me know their prize preference details.