Jumpstar's ATO Emporium -- Updated 5/19/2020

The inventory has been updated! I don’t play Arachnos, Corruptors, Kheldians, or Masterminds, so those are easy trade fodder. I play a lot of Defenders, Scrappers, and Tankers, so I’m looking for those, as well as a few holes for some of my single-hero archetypes (see Want list below). Send me a tell @Jumpstar whenever I’m on and we can discuss trades.

Have (For Trade)

  • Dominion of Arachnos ACC/DMG
  • Dominion of Arachnos ACC/DMG/RCH
  • Dominion of Arachnos ACC/DMG/END/RCH
  • Dominion of Arachnos DMG/END/RCH
  • Dominion of Arachnos DMG/RCH
  • Dominion of Arachnos RCH/-DMG Terrorize
  • Spider’s Bite ACC/DMG
  • Spider’s Bite ACC/DMG/END
  • Spider’s Bite ACC/DMG/END/RCH
  • Spider’s Bite DMG/RCH
  • Blaster’s Wrath ACC/DMG/RCH
  • Brute’s Fury ACC/DMG
  • Brute’s Fury DMG/END/RCH
  • Unrelenting Fury DMG/END/RCH
  • Dominating Grasp RCH/Fiery Orb
  • (Kheldian) Essence Transfer DMG/RCH
  • Kheldian’s Grace ACC/DMG/END/RCH
  • Kheldian’s Grace RCH/FORM EMPOWERMENT
  • Command of the Mastermind ACC/DMG
  • Command of the Mastermind ACC/DMG/RCH
  • Command of the Mastermind DMG/END/RCH
  • (Mastermind) Mark of Supremacy ACC/END
  • (Mastermind) Mark of Supremacy DMG
  • (Mastermind) Mark of Supremacy DMG/END
  • Stalker’s Guile DMG/END/RCH
  • (Stalker) Assassin’s Mark ACC/DMG/RCH


  • Defiant Barrage ACC/DMG/END/RCH
  • Brute’s Fury RCH/FURY BONUS
  • Overpowering Presence ACC/DUR/END/RCH
  • Overpowering Presence DUR/RCH
  • Dominating Grasp END/RCH
  • Scrapper’s Strike ACC/DMG
  • Scrapper’s Strike ACC/DMG/RCH
  • Scrapper’s Strike DMG/END/RCH
  • Scrapper’s Strike DMG/RCH
  • Stalker’s Guile ACC/DMG/RCH

(Tanker) Gauntleted Fist: Recharge/Chance for +Absorb
(Brute) Unrelenting Fury: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge

Will of the Controller RCH/PSI DMG PROC
(Stalker) Assassin’s Mark ACC/DMG/RCH

It’s a deal. I’ll be back on around 8pm Pacific.

Offering: (Blaster) Defiant Barrage: D/R + Defender’s Bastion DMG/END/RCH + Unrelenting Fury DMG/RCH
For: Kheldian’s Grace ACC/DMG/END/RCH + Kheldian’s Grace ACC/DMG/RCH + Essence Transfer RCH/GLOBAL HEAL PROC

Deal. I be on in about 45 minutes.

Do you have Defiant Barrage ADR? I have DR already.

Im afraid not. Only have D/R and A/D of that set.
Logging in now.

Offering Gauntleted Fist Dam/End/Rech for Command of Mastermind Dam/End (sent in-game tell)

Offering Critical Strikes D/E/R for Malice of the corruptor A/D or D/R.

Sent tell. I could use D/R more (don’t have any of those), but will still do the trade and use it as converter bait.

Great, thanks alot :slight_smile: Logging in now then.

Hello there, do you still have that Unrelenting Fury DMG/END/RCH ? And if so, would you be willing to trade it for a Defender’s Bastion: Damage/Recharge ?

I do and I would. I’ll be online tomorrow after 2pm Pacific.

Ascendancy of the Dominator ACC/DUR
Ascendancy of the Dominator ACC/DUR/END
Ascendancy of the Dominator ACC/DUR/END/RCH
Stalker’s Guile ACC/DMG/END/RCH
Defender’s Bastion DMG/RCH

I got all of these for

Spider’s Bite ACC/DMG/END
Spider’s Bite ACC/DMG/END/RCH
(Kheldian) Essence Transfer DMG/RCH
(Mastermind) Mark of Supremacy ACC/END