Jumpstar's Weekend WST

Now that my coaching duties are over for the year, I don’t have regular weekend commitments, so I’ve been thinking about starting a regular weekend WST event. I’m an RPer, so I will be in character, but RP wouldn’t be required. I simply mention this as they won’t be speed runs. They would also be strictly blueside for now, as I don’t have a redside 50 (yet). I am open to running it both Saturday and Sunday, as I have 2 different 50s (Jumpstar and Longarm). Current time slots I am considering are:

  • Saturdays 8-10am PST
  • Saturdays 8-10pm PST
  • Sundays 3-5pm PST

I’d love to hear feedback/interest level on the overall concept, but more importantly what times would generate more interest.

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