Let's get back to basics

First, I want to take a moment to appreciate how just a few months ago, we were still suffering the hole in our heart that was City of Heroes. Leaving aside all the machinations and bumps that led to where we are now, I am still in awe and so grateful that I can jump, fly, speed, and tp through the town again. I can look through the streets for thugs causing trouble, and beat them into… uh… submission.

I’m thrilled we’re joining up with the Reborn server and welcome everyone who’s new. I’m optimistic about the future for the various changes and improvements we’ll see over time and that the most important issue to me (character backup) is being actively worked (sg bases next? Plz plz?).

Lastly, I want to ask @retched; are you OK? You are absolutely dedicated, but you are also solo are you not? I don’t want you to burn out with all that you do. What can we do to help?

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