Market Seeder Role for Players

We’ve talked about Seeding before and the various problems it causes. We talked about letting people shift levels of enhancements (not a bad idea) and so on. What about something entirely different? What if you could enable a “market seeder” option that flagged your drops to change levels randomly between 10 and 50? I’m always dumping extra stuff on the market, but as a 50, it’s always high-level. I would love to help keep the market fresh and active, but even if I Ouroboros down to a level, my drops are still just at THAT level. Plus, as a seeder at 50, I can play 50 content and rake in the drops.

Honestly, I don’t delete salvage or recipies often because I want to help the market, but I don’t think I’m doing enough as is. I would love to help fill the market at all levels!

I am also trying all sorts of downright insane experiments to try to help seed the market. The market is drenched with some of the less popular lvl 50 set IO recipes and especially with the highest tier of invention salvage. I think a lot of folks could pull their high lvl common salvage off the market, vendor it, and have some spots freed up and still plenty on the market.

Where it runs short is on some of the lower tier common and uncommon (white and yellow) salvage, some rare at all tiers, and the popular categories of recipes at all levels such as Resist Damage, Gaussian, Good healing ones, things with procs, PBAoE, Targeted AoE, etc. And we haven’t even talked about purple recipes. They are honestly worth a lot of influence/infamy, but once you have inf coming out your ears, you still can’t find the ones you want on the auction even if you were willing to pay 100mil ea for them.

There are a lot of ideas floating around about how to loosen up the market to get more stuff on it. I think that there are a few things that can knock the edge off some, but that for some reason the supply and demand for certain items is such that no amount of strategies will fix it. The only real solutions I see for the recipe shortage is to increase drop rate on the ones that are in high demand or do the dreaded artificial seeding. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep playing with my insane experiements. My latest one is to level alts up to 20, 25, 30, and 35 respectively, freeze their xp, then just play them for months and months until I can get the low lvl set IO recipes I want. Hey, it keeps us busy. lol

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