Mirage's Extra Purples/ATOs

Mirage Has:

  • Purples

    • Armageddon (Dam/Rech/Acc)
    • Unbreakable Constraint (Hold/End)
    • Unbreakable Constraint (smashing proc)
    • Ragnarok (Dam/End)
    • Apocalypse (Dam/Rec)
  • ATOs

    • Unrelenting Fury (Acc/Dam/Rec)
    • Command of the Mastermind (Dam/End/Rec)
    • Vigilant Assault (Acc/Dam/End)
    • Dominion of Arachnos (Acc/Dam/End/Rec)

Looking for:

  • Soulbound Allegiance (Dam/Rec)
  • Apocalypse (Dam/Rec/Acc)
  • Overpowering Presence (energy font proc)

Also willing to just make 1:1 trades for other random purples to help people out. Ping me @Mirage in-game.