Mod - Original Login Splash Screen and Music Theme (CoH/CoV)

This mod replaces the current login splash screen and/or music theme.

  • For the original CoH login splash screen and the original music theme, download this.

  • For the original CoV login splash screen and the Villain music theme, download this.

To install: Unzip and copy your chosen downloaded files to your City of Heroes “data” folder, which should be wherever your CreamSoda/Tequila is installed. If you only want to install the splash screen, copy the “texture_library” folder. If you only want to change the music theme, copy the “sound” folder.

To remove this mod: Simply go into your “data” folder, inside your CreamSoda/Tequila installation and delete the files previously copied.

Note: These are meant to be merely temporary measures until future Volume 2 updates bring back the various login screen options.

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