Nekrovile's ATO Trading Post

I could no longer edit my old post, so I had to make a new one with my updated list.
(Last updated 10/20/19)
Message me in here or in Discord if you are interested.

ATOs that I have, but am only willing to trade for Tanker ATOs that I don’t have. (List at the bottom)

  • Brute’s Fury: Dam/End/Rech


  • Kheldian’s Grace: Dam/End/Rech
  • Kheldian’s Grace: Dam/Rech
  • (Kheldian) Essence Transfer: Dam/Rech


  • Defender’s Bastion: Acc/Dam
  • Defender’s Bastion: Acc/Dam/End/Rech


  • Blaster’s Wrath: Dam/Rech
  • Blaster’s Wrath: Acc/Dam/End
  • (Blaster) Defiant Barrage: Dam/Rech


  • Command of the Mastermind: Acc/Dam
  • Command of the Mastermind: Dam/End/Rech
  • (Mastermind) Mark of Supremacy: Dam
  • (Mastermind) Mark of Supremacy: Acc/Dam


  • Malice of the Corrupter: Dam/End/Rech
  • (Corrupter) Scourging Blast Acc/Dam

The main ATOs that I am looking for:

Might of the Tanker

  • Dam/Rech

(Tanker) Gauntleted Fist

  • Dam/Rech
  • Acc/Dam/Rech
  • Acc/Dam/End/Rech