New Chest Emblem Pack 02: Animals, Clocks, Bars

I’ll update this as these are ready. For now, here are the first few of this second chest emblem pack for Rebirth.

  1. Cat head

  2. Majestic Cat

  3. Parrot

  4. Parrot alt (baked in color accents)

  5. Bloodhound

  6. Bulldog

  7. Songbird

  8. Simple Cat

  9. Octopus (art credit: Oth)

As with prior emblem art, you are looking at “usage comps” The black and white is close to the art asset that gets put into the game. The remaining columns show it in several different contexts.

First is an arbitrary set of colors applied to channel 1 and 2. Second is applying a color the channel 1 that matches the tights underneath the emblem. Then channel 2 matching the base tights color.

Then the 3rd is setting channel 1 and channel 2 to the same color.


  • Owl head
  • Steampunk owl full body
  • Husky/Wolf
  • Menacing Rat
  • Clocks
  • Abstract bars and stripe emblems

Now I think you’re hiding the clocks from me on purpose…

Also, those look great!

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Nope. Just been super busy with other parts of life. I want to get through the animals first, then get into the clocks. I have two very clear ideas. But it may mushroom into 3.

Your suggestion for a clock face and pocket watch are both very good suggestions.