Next years halloween event - update ideas

One of the things they had on Paragon Chat was a floating island with Kane’s mansion on it in Croatoa as a party/gathering place. I was thinking about that and how the Christmas event moves everyone into Pocket D and the Ski Chalet for the season and it’s a huge party.

I think it would be really neat to do the same with Croatoa and make it Halloweentown. We already have witches, pumpkins, and ghosts and if we could somehow lock the banner event into Croatoa along with the mansion, we’d have great participation and a cool themed area for everyone to fight/hangout in / start Kane trials.

I do think ToT should still be everywhere just like the presents are, but banners always seemed best in Croatoa.

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Croatoa is a hero zone, so we can’t lock the Banner Events to happen just there, redside and goldside characters would be left out otherwise.

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My son said the same thing after I suggested it :frowning:
What about night ward then?

I think we could just eventually add new event/activitiess to specific zones, it certainly feels better to make zones unique over just having the same events everywhere.