Planned Data Center Outage - March 8, 2020

PLANNED SERVER OUTAGE (Data Center maintenance) - MARCH 8, 2020

Afternoon everyone! Just giving everyone notice that our datacenter has told us that there will be a PLANNED NETWORK OUTAGE for Sunday, March 8th @ 11:00 PM EST (10:00 PM CST). (That is one hour BEFORE our normal maintenance period.) To that end, we will be turning off both the LIVE AND TEST server at about 10:30 PM EST so as to prevent the server abruptly being turned off while people are in the middle of something important. The maintenance period will end roughly at 12 Midnight. After the machine is turned back on, myself and other Rebirth team members will conduct our normal maintenance period and reboot the server as usual. (:paragon: points and Respecs will be awarded AFTER the reset. As always, please wait for the ALL CLEAR to be announced before joining the server again that night.)

Thanks for being patient with us. (This will also be reflect in-game via the MOTD.) Any questions, feel free to use #rebirth-general.


AFFECTED SERVICES: “Rebirth” shard, “Almost Tested” shard, “Almost Tested” website, account creation will also be impossible during this time.