Played i4-i16 ish.. then MIA forever

Played i4-i16 on Pinnacle… unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I lost a lot of my memories of that time period when it comes to names… I had disapeared without a word one day before the release of Going Rouge do to my irrational significant other at the time… by time I was able to get back to the game a long time had passed and it was 2 weeks after sun down :frowning:

My mains were
Seed - Tank - Ice/Fire
Seed Jr. - Tank - Axe/Inv (i think? I remade him a few times)

I was often found in Portal Corp running SG and Pub Farm sessions… usually Freakshow. (i4-i13ish…)
I have also been known to have tanked Hami a handful of times before that event had been changed up and before IO’s existed…

Wish I could reconnect with old SG mates but I can’t even recall the name of the SG I was in or names… We had our own Ventrilo server and I think most of the SG was Eastern USA while I am on the Westcoast.

Hopefully, I can find some old game screenshots in my backup archives that might have names or SG name in them somewhere to provide more information.