Powerset Idea: Devices (for Stalkers)

Devices for Stalker

You use your abilities as a Field Operator as a tool to fight your foes with a variety of technological gadgets including cloaking devices, decoys, stimulants and mines. Devices provides excellent crowd control by juggling effects with the powerset mechanic, “Fracture”, powered by the Illusions created using your psionic/energy based attacks.

Power Level Stats Description
Cloaking Device 1 Toggle: Self Stealth, +DEF(Melee, Ranged, AoE) Standard stalker hide toggle with tech twist. Uses a different animation than the standard hide when cast, but the appearance afterwards remains the same.
Body Armor 2 Auto: +7.5% Res (Smashing/Lethal), +20% HP Your character's hidden armor grants them automatic protection against Smash and Lethal attacks.
Personal Shield Generator 4 Toggle: +10% Def (All but psionic), +5% Res (All but psionic) Turn on a powered bubble shield generator to grant your character upgraded defenses ans resistance to everything but psionics.
Stimulant Patch 10 Self +Mez Protection (except knockback), +15% Recharge Reduc Apply a stimulant drug cocktail specifically designed for your character to grant them increased protection against movement impared effects and faster recharge time for your powers.
Smoke Grenade 16 Ranged Target Area of Effect Foe -Perception, -To-Hit The Smoke Grenade envelops all those in the affected area in a cloud of smoke. Most foes will not be able to see past normal melee range, although some may have better perception. If the enemies are attacked, they will be alerted to your presence, but will suffer a penalty to their chance to hit.
Surveillance 20 Ranged, 10% Foe -Resistance(All), 10 -Defense(All) When this power is activated, you focus your senses to analyze your target's defensive capabilities and discover their weaknesses. By sharing your knowledge of the target's weaknesses with your teammates, you effectively reduce their defense and resistance to damage.
Trip Mine 28 Place Mine: Point Blank Area of Effecti, Recharge: +30 seconds over Blaster, Proximity Triggers only when the stalker is out of hide You can place a Trip Mine on the ground. Any villains that pass near the Trip Mine will cause it to explode, severely damaging all nearby foes and sending them flying. The Trip Mine is almost impossible to detect, but it is fragile and may be set off by an enemy's explosion. Even if destroyed, the Trip Mine will detonate.
Holographic Decoy 35 Summon Decoy: Invulnerable/immobile with strong pbaoe taunt effect. Does not break hide. 20 second duration, 120 second recharge. You summon a invulnerable and immobile decoy that looks like your holographic copy. This decoy taunts all enemies in the vicinity, distracting them for a while.
Adrenalin shot - 38 500% recovery, 30% recharge, 500% regen. 240sec recharge, 20 second duration. Use an even stronger drug cocktail to increase your regeneration rate, reaction speed and stamina for a short while.

The idea was to mix traditional damage mitigation with less traditional mitigation plus some more offense. The first 4 powers are similar to what you would find in stalker defense secondaries.

Smoke Grenade has two functions. It debuffs to-hit giving you and your team more defense and it also debuffs perception which lets your team sneak up with you. Whats worse than the stalker you don’t see? The brute that managed to sneak into melee range without a shot being fired.

Surveillance lets you increase your burst damage at the start of the fight.

Trip mine with the changes I proposed lets the stalker with this secondary if he has enough time blitz a group all at once. Of course most teams will not let you take the time to set up more than 1 mine. Some may not even give you the time to set 1.

The holographic decoy works both solo and in teams. Solo you pop the decoy out in the middle of the group, AS a target, placate a target(even in teams the aggro wont go anywhere the decoy should be next on the aggro list), AS or crit another one. In teams the decoy can soak an alpha strike letting a stalker off tank when he needs to.

The Adrenalin Shot acts like a full heal over time. When the heal is fully enhanced the regen it grants would provide nearly a full bar of health over 20 seconds. Additionally the added recharge that the power grants would let the stalkers melee attacks recharge faster.