Powerset Idea: Illusion Aura (for Stalkers)

The set was designed to have minimalist defenses, and instead rely on utilizing an assortment of clicks and status effects to improving survivability. I tried to make the set have enough mitigation to survive, but mostly focusing on having enough utility to make up for its lack of direct mitigation. This is makes it quite a departure from most armor sets, probably because they were mostly all meant to be proliferated between melee ATs and this one isn’t.

  1. Hide – Self Toggle, Slow Recharge, Stealth, +Defense All 1.88%, +Defense All but AoE 3.75%[suppresses], +Defense AoE 37.5%[suppresses]

  2. Illusory Image – Self Toggle, Fast Recharge, +Defense All 9.75%, +Heal 2.5%
    (Ticks every 4seconds, unlike most armor toggles that tick every 0.5seconds)

  3. Mind Over Matter – Self Toggle, Fast Recharge, +Max Hitpoints 10%, +Resist Smash/Lethal/Psionic 15%, +Resist Fire/Cold/Energy/Negative/Toxic 7.5%, +Protection Hold/Sleep/Disorient/Immobilize/Fear/Confuse 10.4mag, +Protection Knockback/Knockup 10mag, +Resist Knockback/Knockup 10,000%

  4. Project Likeness – PBAoE Toggle, Minor Damage, Slow Recharge, Confuse
    (Clone of World of Confusion)

  5. Divert Attention – PBAoE Click, Very long Recharge, Placate
    (Clone of Smoke Flash)

  6. Delusions of Grandeur – Self Auto, +Damage (Illusionary)
    (Variation of the Enchantment of Serafina temporary power, adds Psi damage to you attacks, but some of that damage will heal back if your target survives long enough)

  7. Phantom Apparition – PBAoE Click, Very Long Recharge, Fear

  8. Sleight of Hand – Self Auto, +Recharge, +ToHit, +Resist Slow/Recharge

  9. Astral Projection – Summon Special, Very Long Recharge, Self Intangible
    (Variation of Phantom Army. Summons a trio of Decoys at your location and phase shifts you for a brief time(5 seconds or so) to give the Decoys a chance to pull aggro off of you.)

Let me know your thoughts about this idea.

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