Powerset Idea: Katana/Sword Manipulation (for Blasters)

Since pretty much Issue 1, people have asked for the ability to, somehow use both guns and swords (haven’t you ever wanted to be Deadpool or Dante?). So I bring you to Sword Manipulation. While the name might sounds color than what this powerset is, this is just a simple idea, making Swords as a secondary for Blasters.

  1. Forceful Slash - Damage: Minor • Recharge: Fast //Foe Knockback//
  2. Sting of the Wasp - Damage: Moderate • Recharge: Fast //-Def//
  3. Divine Avalanche - Damage: Minor • Recharge: Fast //+ Def//
  4. Build Up (Self Buff) - Damage: None Recharge: Long //Self Offense+, Self to Hit+//
  5. The Lotus Drops (PBAoE) - Damage: Moderate DoT • Recharge: Slow //Foe -to hit//
  6. Flashing Steel (Cone) - Damage: Moderate • Recharge: Moderate //Foe -Def//
  7. Focus Energy (Self Heal) - Special
  8. Transfer Chi (PBAoE) - Damage: None • Recharge: Long //Self Recovery+ Regen+ Foe Recovery- Regen-//
  9. Golden Dragonfly - Damage: Extreme • Recharge: Long //Foe Knockup, -Def)

Obviously, we could also use Broadsword/Sword models, making this a generic Sword Secondary (as long as the final animations aren’t too katana-like to pretend otherwise).