Powerset Idea: Mutants (for Masterminds)

I was really surprised that the initial release of CoV didn’t include something along these lines. I mean, I guess we can roleplay a Necro Mastermind to fit the concept, but it would be a lot of fun to have properly mutated critters to send after your foes.


“You have taken up the task of taking genetic manipulation to its furthest extent. They said you were crazy… But soon you’ll show them all! All those goody-two-shoes doctors who said your experiments were “unethical” and “inhumane” will soon see the truth… With this mad science at your disposal, you have cooked up the most horrifying of twisted monstrosities, and they all serve you. Your Creatures have good resistances to poison, fear and sleep. they cannot be resurrected.”

  1. Toxic Shot
    You have concocted a deadly mix of toxins to use against your foes, administered via a dart gun. The poison causes damage over time and may disorient your opponent.

  2. Aberration
    Summons one to three mutated humanoids. These creatures are the result of tampering with the human genome until something horrific came to be. These wild, relentless creatures know nothing more than service to their creator, and fight with thorns launched from their bodies, scratches and bites, all toxic, dealing slashing/lethal damage as well as toxic DoT.

  3. Toxic Blast
    A more powerful toxin than the one used in Toxic shot, this dreadful venom reduces accuracy, causes DoT and may stun your opponent.

  4. Genetic Serum
    This serum alters your creatures’ genetic makeup, causing them to become stronger and more vicious, as well as giving them new forms of attack. The mutations are unique and depend on the specific creature being mutated. This power only works on your creatures, and you can only equip a specific creature once.

  5. Poison Bomb
    You have fused deadly toxins with explosives. This concoction can disorient opponents in the range of explosion.

  6. Deviant
    Your experimentation has resulted in these vicious creatures. Larger, stronger and smarter than the Aberrations, these creatures have the ability to secrete poison from their bodies and can fire pure venom at long distances. You can have two Deviants at your command at once.

  7. Living Slime
    It was most likely an accidental creation, but as long as you have this giant slime, you may as well put it to good use. This power is an AoE summon that creates a multi-tentacled slime that emits a toxic miasma, while damaging and binds opponents within range of the targeted area.

  8. Horror
    Your greatest creation. The fruit of all of your labor. This massive, hulking brute may not slash opponents, but it deals heavy smashing-lethal damage and can spit poison. He has high resistance to toxic and smashing/lethal damage, and also has a high resistance to fear.

  9. Twisted Experiment
    The ultimate boon of science. This glowing chemical can turn an already monstrous creature into a living horror. The creature selected will gain new powers and abilities. These powers are unique and dependent upon the target creature that is upgraded. This power only works on your creatures and you can only upgrade the abilities of any given creature once.

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