Powerset Idea: Nature Aura/Armor (for Scrappers)

I have to say that, I tried to take ideas from Nature Affinity but Bloom’s effects were not very useful on for Scrappers. I’ll let the descriptions speak for the rest of the set.

Solar Energy/Sunlight - Solar Energy is the special mechanic for this set. You start with five charges and some of the abilities require them. They will recharge over time. If you use an ability that requires more charges than you have that ability will then use endurance(more endurance) and lose some effect. If possible, this ability will recharge faster in open spaces over enclosed structures.

  • Barkskin - Toggle: Self +Def(Smash/Lethal), Res(Def Debuff)
    You cover yourself in tough and durable tree bark. Your Barkskin can deflect smash and lethal type attacks. It also offers good protection from Def Debuff. ~Armor sets usually start with a mixture of Smash/Lethal Res/Def. That is not the case here, I tried it to be slightly unconventional.

  • Amber Coat - Toggle: Self +Res(Fire/Cold/Energy/N.Energy/Toxic/ Debuff DEF)
    Hardened amber coats your body offering protection from the elements and energies, as well as Debuff DEF.

  • Photosynthesis/Synthesis - Self Heal, +Regen(Special)
    Use a charge of Solar Energy to heal yourself and increase your regeneration rate for a short while. If you do not have enough Solar energy you will instead use Endurance and you will lose the regeneration boost.

  • Leeching Vines - Toggle: Self +Regen, +Res(Regen Debuff), Foe DoT(Toxic/Lethal), Special
    You grow Leeching Vines that attach themselves to enemies close to you. For every enemy you affect you will get a small boost to regeneration and resistance to regeneration Debuff. Foes will take lethal/toxic damage. Also there is a very small chance that you will immediately reset one of your charges of Solar Energy.

  • Petal Dance - Heal, +MaxHP, +Res(Toxic), Absorb(Special)
    Petal Dance requires 3 charges of solar energy. Lacking the solar energy required will cause you to consume endurance instead and you will not receive the Absorb effect.

  • Ingrain/Rebirth - Self Rez/Ally Rez, +Regen(Special), +Rec(Special)
    This power costs 3 Solar energy charges. If you do not have enough, you will be rezzed without the regeneration and recovery boost. You can use this ability even if you have not fallen in battle to resurrect an ally, but for the regen and recovery boost but you MUST have the 3 charges of Solar Energy to activate.

  • Sapping Pollen - Toggle: Foe –DMG, Slow, Sleep
    The pollen in your body releases affects the enemy’s nervous system, slowing enemies and lowering their damage output. Also has a chance to cause them to choke, but attacking them will break them from that.

  • Rooted - Toggle: Self +Res(Hold, Immobilize, Sleep, Disorient, KB, Repel, Confuse, Fear, Regen DeBuff, Toxic, Psionic), Immobilize, +Regen
    Rooted protects from Mez, offers fair amount of Toxic Resistance, and some minor Psionic Resistance, and increases your regeneration; but will Immobilize you. While this power is active you gain access to ‘Dig’. Dig will transport you to a location of your choice(Must be on the ground). When you emerge you have a small chance of causing KD. Dig cannot be enhanced, but has a fairly low end cost.
    Dig - Self Teleport, PBAoE Foe KD: (Note: Think Spring Attack, only you go underground and pop up where you choose.)

  • Solarbeam - Self+Res(All but Psionic), +Regen, +Recovery, Special
    Solarbeam is your typical T9, it consumes all Solar Charge instead of End though, and you cannot recover your charges for a while, instead of -Recovery. You must have at least 4 charges of Solar energy to activate but will consume all 5 if you have it.

I’m looking that could replace ‘Dig’.

  • Moving Rooted to t9 and having Solarbeam only able to be used when Rooted
  • Making Rooted a simple Solar Energy restorer power.
  • ???

I suppose the powerset could be easily proliferated to Tankers/Brutes/Stalkers with a some tinkering.