Powerset Idea: Swashbuckling Assault (for Dominators and Guardians)

Ever wanted a pirate Dominator and/or Guardian? Or simply a way to have a character using both swords and guns without having to rely on pesky temporary powers? Well, this is the set you have been waiting for!

Swashbuckling Assault

“You’re a master of fighting while wielding a sword and a pistol in each hand. Too bad you only have two hands! Your attacks primarily deal lethal damage and your attacks have a wide variety of effects. However, your strength lies within mixing up both ranged and melee attacks, exemplified by your powerset inherent ability, Flair.”

  • Flair: Using a melee attack gives a minor +DMG and +To-Hit bonus if a ranged attack afterwards and viceversa
Power Level Stats Description
Quick Shot 1 Ranged, Minor DMG(Lethal), Special(Flair), Foe Disorient, Recharge: Very Fast Quickly fires a round from your pistol. The damage is average, but the rate of fire is very fast, to the point subsequent shots might disorient your opponent
Slash 2 Melee, Moderate DMG(Lethal), Special(Flair), Recharge: Moderate You perform a quick Slash that causes moderate damage, but has a quick recharge time.
Blowtorch/Incendiary Shot 4 Ranged, Moderate DMG(Lethal/Fire), Minor DoT(Fire), Special(Flair), Recharge: Moderate Uses excessive black powder to unleash flames from your pistol to burn foes. Deal more damage the closer you are to your foe, setting them ablaze for a short period of time.
Slice 10 Melee (Cone), Moderate DMG(Lethal), Special(Flair), Recharge: Moderate You slice your sword in a wide arc, attacking all enemies in front of you. Slice does less damage than slash, but can hit multiple foes.
Rum Shot/Build Up 16 Self +Dmg(All), +To Hit, Rech: Long Greatly increases the amount of damage you deal for a few seconds, as well as slightly increasing your chance to hit.
Riposte/Counter 20 Melee Block, Ranged Attack, Minor DMG(Lethal), Self +DEF(Lethal, Melee) You can use this power to Parry incoming melee attacks. The parry itself does minor damage, but every successful hit will increase your Defense against melee and lethal attacks for a short while.
Feint Shot 28 Melee (First attack) Ranged (Second attack), Moderate DMG(Lethal), Special(Flair), Recharge: Long Melee, light damage with a sword slash followed by a heavy damage pistol shot. Doesn't need a melee target to activate, as long as there is one at range.
Headshot 35 Sniper, Superior DMG(Lethal), Foe Knockdown An extremely long range and accurate shot from your pistol that deals tremendous damage witha chance to knockdown your target. This is a sniper attack, and like most sniper attacks, is best fired from a distance as it can be interrupted.
Absolute Cleavage/Cannon Shot 38 Target AoE, Extreme DMG(Smash/Fire), Moderate DoT(Fire) You swipe out a hand cannon and shot foes around your target dealing Extreme Smash/Fire damage, while setting them ablaze over time.

Gun animations could be borrowed from Dual Wield. I still haven’t settled if the Broadsword animations or using a single hand from Dual Blades would be a better fit for the sword part. There might be some NPC/Temporary animations that could re-purposed. An alternate animation set that inverts weapon hand positions would be nice too.

The inherent might seem to make Build Up unneeded, but take into account that not only all Assault sets have Build Up, but the inherent requires the user to mix up ranges and, if properly balanced, pick more powers than usual to maintain it. So Build Up servers a purpose there for those that want a more “traditional” play while sticking to Sword or Pistol only powers (there should be an “empty” option on the weapon customization possibilities). And even those who use Flair wouldn’t mind having access to a click boost every now and then.

Riposte/Counter was meant to really block the next attack and shot at the attacker (when the attack was blocked), but I have no idea if that is possible in-game. Absorb could be used instead of +DEF, but only if there was a way to make the Absorb granted be equivalent to the DMG received. It could work as a Toggle/Buff that auto-heals for the damage received and then queues the shot response as the next attack might work.

I wouldn’t mind some more fancy power name suggestions too.