Powerset Suggestion: Plasma Projection

Plasma Projection

The hydrogen bomb, the stars in the sky and you all have one thing in common: You’re all roiling fonts of charged plasma, capable of blasting foes with a gout of superheated gases that both burn and stun those around you. While you may not have the immediate up-front damage of some other ranged attackers, you make up for it with your ability to debilitate several opponents at once with your Ionic Charge.

Plasma Projection is designed to resemble the attacks of characters like Havok or Starfire. It’s intended as an AoE focused set, with less punch out of the gate compared to similar sets, but with a greater ability for crowd control.



Plasma Projection is a ranged attack set for Blasters, Defenders, Corruptors.


Plasma Projection has a mechanic called Charge. Charge can build up to three stacks. As the stacks increase, each attack power has an increasing chance to knock down opponents and a slight Resistance debuff component as Charge increases. Some powers do not build Charge, and instead consume a player’s built up Charge stacks to add an extra effect that scales with it.

Plasma Projection attacks deal a combination of Fire and Energy damage.


The VFX for this set would probably resemble the sort of “translucent flame” effect of Plasma Shield from Fiery Aura, with similar particle effects to Radiation Blast (though probably not that same green).

Power List
  1. Plasma Arc: Narrow Cone (Ranged), Minor DMG (Fire/Energy). +Ion Charge
  • You project a line of plasma that arcs through one or more opponens in a narrow cone in front of you, dealing minor fire and energy damage.
  • Set Categories: Targeted AoE Damage, Knockback
  • Notes: I wanted to hammer in early on that this is an AoE-heavy set, so I made the T1 a narrow cone (a bit like Piercing Shot). Most of the time, it will function like a normal T1 blast, but if the player’s lucky, they can hit a couple targets at once. VFX would be similar to Flamethrower and other powers like it.
  1. Helium Bolt: Ranged, Moderate DMG (Fire/Energy), +Ion Charge
  • You propel a blob of compressed, superheated noble gases at your target, dealing moderate fire and energy damage. This power builds 1 stack of Ion Charge.
  • Set Categories: Ranged Damage, Knockback
  • Notes: A Pretty basic T2 blast.
  1. Lithium Whip: Short Cone, Moderate DMG (Fire/Energy). +Ion Charge
  • You lash out with a stream of metallic plasma, dealing moderate fire and energy damage to nearby enemies in front of you. This power builds Ion Charge
  • Set Categories: Targeted AoE Damage, Knockback
  • Notes: Does a whip made of plasma make sense? No. Is it cool? Yes. Also, I specifically chose a whip so that the whip from Demon Summoning could be modified and reused for it.
  1. Ion Cloud: Ranged (Location AoE), Minor DoT (Fire/Energy), Foe Slow, Foe Immobilize (Mag = Ion Charge Stacks), Consume Ion Charge
  • You can create a cloud of violently charged plasma particles that deals minor fire and energy damage over time to those caught in it, as well as slowing them. If you have Ion Charge, this power will also consume that charge and Immobilize enemies that enter the cloud.
  • Set Categories: Targeted AoE Damage, Slow, Knockback
  • Notes: Simlar to Blizzard, but with a much lower damage output, and more focus on slowing enemies that killing them. The KD from Charge applied to anyone inside the field. Would use vfx similar to Rain of Fire
  1. Fusion: Click: +To-Hit, +DMG, Max Out Ion Charge
  • You ignite a fusion reaction within your own body, maxing out your Ion Charge to three stacks and granting you a substantial bonus to hit and damage for a short time.
  • Set Categories: To-Hit Buff.
  • Notes: A Basic Aim-alike that ties into the set’s mechanic. VFX would be a burst of plasma emanating from the user’s eyes and torso.
  1. Plasma Eruption: Sniper, High DMG (Fire/Energy), Foe Immobilize. Scaling -Def and -Res with Charge. Consumes Charge
  • You can focus your plasma blast into a tightly-confined ray that can weld its target to the ground. If you have Ionic Charge built up, this power also reduces the target’s defense and damage resistances and consumes charge. This power has no wind-up when your Charge is maxed out.
  • Set Categories: Ranged Damage, Sniper, Knockback, Defense Debuff, Accurate Defense Debuff, Immobilize
  • Notes This set’s take on sniper attacks. It provides another ST attack for boss/av situations, and can give a nice debuff hit when used with Fusion or late in a fight when you have Charge built up.
  1. Tritium Blast: Short Range Targeted AoE, High DMG (Fire/Energy), Foe Knockdown. +Ion Charge
  • You can create a minor fusion explosion centered on a target, knocking them off their feet and dealing high fire and energy damage. This power builds Ion Charge.
  • Set Categories: Targeted AoE Damage, Knockback
  • Notes: This set is pretty cone-heavy, so I wanted a simple TAoE available for when you can’t position yourself for a cone. Similar to Energy Blast’s Explosive Blast. The KD doesn’t stack with the KD from Ionic Charge.
  1. Chain reaction: Ranged (3 Placeable AoEs), High DMG (Fire/Energy), Chance for KD. Consumes Ion Charge
  • You ignite a serious of plasma bursts in up to three spots, dealing high fire and energy damage. If you have Ion Charge built up, this power deals more damage and has a chance to knock opponents down.
  • Set Categories: Targeted AoE Damage, Knockback
  • Notes: This power would likely borrow the multiple-click place effect that Burst of Speed uses to place its AoEs. It can be used to help slow down stragglers with its KD, as well as dealing with widely-dispersed enemies. The KD from Ionic Charge doesn’t stack with this.
  1. Starburst: PBAoE Extreme DoT (Fire/Energy)
  • You can overload yourself, creating a superheated cloud of plasma that inflicts large amounts of fire and energy damage over time to enemies near you for a short time.
  • Set Categories: PBAoE Damage, Knockback
  • Notes: The set’s Nuke. I wanted to make it a little different, so instead of a regular one-and-done nuke, I made it a PBAoE DoT effect that ticks a few times before going out…