Primal Unattainable Badge: Moral High Ground

There were previously 2 badges only Praetorians could achieve: Avid Reader and Moral High Ground. Not counting the Praetorian specific replacement name badges like Slammer for Damage Taken, these two had no Primal equivalent.

i20 added a way for Primals to earn Avid Reader by going through most of Prometheus’ dialog in Ouro after completing some iTrials, leaving Moral High Ground as the only unachievable badge unless you start in Praetoria. It is time for that to change!

Suggestion: Allow a character that has spent 15+ days of playtime as the same alignment to be granted the Moral High Ground badge. This info is already tracked if you look at Personal Info -> Alignment -> Time played as current alignment.


The “original” plan was to make it available to Primal characters when Goldside missions were brought to Ouroboros. But this is a good, non-Ouro dependant idea.

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There’s also loyalist and resistance member i think. Unless you can get them by joining a praetorian’s mission?