Project E4E Mothership Raid (Sat 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 8pm CEST) [Ongoing]

Ever wanted to punch 500 or more Rikti in the face? Now you can. Every Saturday in the Rikti War Zone we’re assaulting the mothership not once, but twice!

Event rundown
Everyone gathers at the fort in Point du Hoc. Once league is formed up explanation will be given. League smashes all pylons in the zone and sets up shop in the middle bowl of the mothership. Bombs are planted to lure out the Rikti Giant Monster. After that it is an all-you-can-eat Rikti buffet until the shields are restored and we’re kicked out back to the fort.

Basically nothing. Heroes and Villains can both access the Rikti War Zone at level 1 through Vanguard facilities located in Atlas Park, Founders’ Falls, Peregrine Island, Cap au Diable, St. Martial, and Grandville.

If you are level 35+ you can earn a lot of Vanguard Merits by having completed the speaking bits of the Welcome to Vanguard mission from Levantera up through talking to Lady Grey. No door missions need be done.

Bring your trash, the mothership has become Paragon City’s newest landfill site.


With the looming 2x XP boost this weekend, will likely extend the Mothership Raid for more than just 2 runs this Saturday.

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