Rage is a trap. Change my mind

I am once again finding myself dissatisfied with the damage penalty “cooldown” of Rage. Someone convince me that it’s still a power worth keeping before I respec out of it.

(wait Copy+paste works?)
It lasts for 10 seconds. Also allegedly Temporary Powers aren’t effected. So just hit things with Sands of Mu.
It is build up for a minute and 50 seconds. That’s 11 times more build up! This is why it’s not allowed on a scrapper.
Edit: You can even make it recharge so fast that it can stack with itself. Rage is basically Perma Build Up except for those 10 seconds you’re crashing. So Inverse Build up? Except you have to use Sands of Mu and such every minute and 50. Hopefully that will make it more usable for you.

Yeah, I have it currently so it stacks, and I do know I it’s worth it, it just get’s frustrating watching DMG redline when you’re in the middle of taking down a mob with your team. Didn’t know about Sands and other Temp Powers, so may have to start using those along with Taunt while I wait.

Sssh! Don’t want the Devs to notice.

Oh yeah, they were laid off. Carry on then ;)

I’m more worried about the -def part of the crash than the -dmg part of the crash. I’ve been thinking about making a SS/SD brute but rage seems hard to justify on a defensive based set. I’m sure the crash would be more viable with say /WP where I would have regen and some resistance to fall back on.

I’ve never actually made a tanker with SS, but have been thinking about it. On a tanker I don’t think it would be so bad. Your primary job is aggro based crowd control and during the crash you should be able to continue taunting even with your DPS being nill. Also while the 20% def drop is bad, you just make certain you have a purple inspiration on hand for that.

Rage is definitely worse for a DEF based set.

However I am against changing it, especially on the “Closest to Live” server ;)

Agreed, I’m not opposed to all changes on Rebirth. But I do want any changes we implement to be ones that plausibly could have been seen on Live.

Yeah, I’m not asking for a change. And I do Taunt during the crash, though being able to deal damage after the Taunt gives a huge bump to my aggro.

Flavorwise, I have always felt Rage made SS too “Hulky”. Something like “Adrenaline Surge” feels more universal, and captures that sudden boost in strength without it being a result of “now you made me mad.”