Rebirth role players introduction thread

I thought it would be nice if we had a spot for role players and those interested in role play to introduce themselves. This is an out of character thread, feel free to tell us a bit about yourself if you like.

I’m Burden, I’m active on Rebirth, the official discord, and the RRPH discord (Rebirth role players hub) I play at different times, but most often I’m on between 10:30pm and 2:00am central US time.

I’m a member of a role players coalition, so feel free to contact me if you are looking for a RP SG, I’m sure we can find a place for you. Or if your just looking to run some in character missions.

Don’t be shy, jump on in!

I keep meaning to write up some backgrounds for my toons and posting them here but keep forgetting!

My global is @Jumpstar, and Jumpstar is one of my mains (the other is Longarm), but I have a roster of 19 heroes that I regularly cycle through, so chances are you’ll encounter me on one of them as often as my “mains”.

During the summer, I play from 9am to 11pm Pacific, usually in 2 hour chunks before taking a break to attend to RL. When school starts (I’m a high school English teacher), that will change drastically. I’m infrequently on Discord, and trying to get in the habit of visiting the forums regularly.

I enjoy roleplaying, whether its just IC banter during missions or exploring character progression via live chat and forum posts (I like to keep it PG-13). Each of my heroes has a unique background and personality. I’ve written stories about many of them. Many of them are part of one Scion SG or another, and I hope to have all them become Scions at some point.

My global is @Navyfire. My main is Kaz-An the Lost Boy and you might find me on a number of other characters depending if I am feeling blue, red or gold.

I’m active in game and on both the official Discord and the Rebirth Role players hub. I live and play in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.

I am prolific role player and a member of one of the large RP coalitions. Look me up and let’s hit the streets!

You can find me in game @SilverAgeFan.

Longtime player of CoH. Was active on Triumph and Virtue. I helped found the Scions here on Rebirth and am very interested in making sure there is a vibrant, supportive platform for role-players of all stripes on Rebirth.

My play times and days are a bit scattershot. I played a lot, perhaps too much TBH!, when the game first returned. But now I’m settling into a more sustainable, though reduced, amount of playtime each week. I’m mostly blueside, but I’ve started getting urges to recreate some of my favorite villains and praetorians.

I go for pick-up RP mission teams. I am open to the occasional more dialogue intensive RP session or story specific AE arcs. But I like how comics themselves, with all the strange cameos and random appearances, lend themselves to accommodating decent RP in spite of complicated adulting and work schedules.

I am game for anything in the PG to PG-13 range. I tend to lean into whatever tropes my characters are built from, being very willing to play to the point of self-parody. I see many comics as a mix between morality plays and stylized character drama.

I also am friendly and understanding OOC. If I overstep any bounds with your character, such as an accidental god mod, you can let me know. Always happy to retcon a remark away. I just like seeing interesting characters come to live!

A new player here.I have started a new thread in Roleplay for my character. The thread is called Comic Comics - Phantom Belle, and my hero is called Phantom Belle. More info on the thread.

Welcome. Great to have more roleplayers. Check out the Rebirth Roleplayer Hub discord, if you’re interested. Hope to see you in game. And if you’re looking for an SG, the Scion network is full of lots of great roleplayers. I also host RP-friendly Task Forces on the weekends.