Rebirth's Quickmenu

This quickmenu file allows you to use emotes, change the notoriety/difficulty on the fly, track badges per character, change through your costume slots using CC emotes and turn on/off:

  • UI (for screenshots)
  • Netgraph
  • Open the Personal Vault (if you have the command unlocked)
  • Open the AH (if you have the command unlocked)

And more.

NOTE: This file will update ALL of the quickmenus (the menu next to the chat window) on ALL servers, not just Rebirth’s. If the server isn’t configured for this change, you will receive a " invalid command " message. This has been tested to work on Rebirth, Homecoming and CoXG.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the file needed here:

Rebirth’s Quickmenu v 2019.11.05 (Emotes+Badges+Costumes+Notoriety+Game Commands):!hhwB1YTY!SbAcu04BQ-eGDODvGsaMuUAyXOrHWWKK1sPokQB0hFs

Original Retched’s Quickmenu (Emotes+Notoriety only: )!B14XFYRC!TzHj0oouZ3BXYwXeLHywc8_pFF2NpfDkhQAi8yFZO7I

  • Extract the entire folder and nested folders within the enclosed zip file directly into your COH install folder. (So if you’re on the C drive and your folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\City of Heroes , you would extra the folder there.

  • When done you should have a complete folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\City of Heroes\data\texts\English\Menus\ and quickmenu.mnu would exist there.

NOTE: This file will NOT work on servers were the slash commands for used aren’t enabled or unlocked.

If you find any bugs, commands to be added or just some feedback, let us know below.

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Any chance we could get Quinch’s InspCombine popupmenu (or something like it) added to this?

Okay so I went thru and did some cut/paste work on the very useful chat bar quick menu by @Oth and @retched to tweak it to be badge specific to Rebirth.
I also added the handy [especially for farmers!] inspiration combining menu by @Quinch and the teleport menu I use on every character. [Now you don’t have to waste an entire power bar for teleport stuff, just use this menu!]

I uploaded it to the Discord last night: