Replacing the in-game CoH fonts

City of Heroes is surprisingly moddable for a MMO. While every texture, model, sound and resource is located somewhere in the file system of the .pigg archives, if you create a folder named data in the root of your CoH installation folder, the client will use any files it finds there instead of the correspondingly-named ones in the .piggs. This allows players to modify their client files without worrying about overwriting the default game files. One consequence of this is that it’s easy to replace the UI fonts in-game.

In the .pigg, the relevant font file names are:

  • fonts/mont_demibold.ttf: Montreal Demibold, the main UI font

  • fonts/mont_bold.ttf: Montreal Bold, used in some places like the Mission Architect editor

  • fonts/mont_hvbold.ttf: Montreal Heavy Bold, also used in some places

  • fonts/Paragon City Italic.ttf: Red Circle Italic, the floating combat text font and the font for headers like the Options UI and the character info pane

  • fonts/redcircl.ttf: Red Circle Regular, the non-italic version of previous font

  • fonts/gothicb.ttf: Century Gothic Bold, which looks a lot like Montreal Demibold but some UI elements use it instead

There are some additional fonts that are used for minor UI elements, fallbacks if a regular font is unavailable for some reason, non-English language support, and other minor things.

To replace one of these fonts with your own:

  • Close the game client (if you had it open).
  • Make a folder named data in your CoH install location. (You might already have a data folder if you have VidiotMaps installed, or done any other modding before.)
  • Inside that folder, make a fonts folder.
  • Choose a Truetype (.ttf) font and copy it into the fonts folder. Rename it to match the name of the font that you want to replace. For example, if you want to use Calibri as your floating combat text font, rename calibri.ttf to Paragon City Italic.ttf .

The next time you launch the client, the font you’ve chosen should now appear in place of the stock font.

The best thing is that, if you didn’t like the results, or for some reason, just want to return to the default fonts, you can undo this change by deleting the individual font files, or even the whole fonts folder, to remove all font swaps.

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Have you found any particularity good fonts for use. Mostly interested in readability.

No sorry, everything I’ve tried has been just more for theme reasons than improving the legibility. Specially when most non-standard fonts also require size adjustments to look “good enough” in-game.